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MILK Magazine Interview with Publish


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Born in the  U.S.A. and rapidly taking over the world, Publish Brand’s Jogger Pants are just that famous in terms of their growing popularity.

The skyrocketing growth of Jogger Pants have led to them quickly becoming essential items in the streetwear scene. Thanks to Jogger Pants, Publish has achieved tremendous sales and literally changed streetwear culture with this signature item along with its other must-have clothing and accessories.

We are thrilled to have the Publish team sitting here with us, talking about the brand’s history and its goals for the future.


Being the core members of Publish, what is the biggest difference between Publish Jogger Pants and the others? What makes you stand out from the others?

Our Joggers fit perfectly, with excellent quality and high standards. We’re not just making and selling products; we are really going into every single detail on each piece we create. For example, the width of the ankle cuffs, the sewing methods, the fabrics – you name it.

We believe that our high standards and quality assurance is how we build our reputation. Again, we’re not just selling products, we are making something we will like ourselves.


Publish is very successful in the Taiwanese market. What might be the difference between Taiwan’s market and other regions?

We have been receiving positive responses from customers all over the world, and it is extremely encouraging for us. Since our sales are growing rapidly, the amount of all types of feedback has risen as well. Most of them are about sizing issues. This is what we’re trying to solve at the moment, especially when it comes to producing smaller sizing.

We’re trying to improve on the design as well as upgrade our production line. Not just with sizing, but some changes will also be made towards to the overall scaling of the product. We’re in the process of designing a Jogger with elastic at the waist, hopefully to perfect this product, and present it to our fans all over the world.


The Publish Brand itself and its Jogger Pant has been popular for a while. How would you react to the identical silhouette that other brands are making, but with a lower price point?

We don’t really care what others are doing, because if you do, frustration hits. Instead, we focus more on improving our own designs. We believe what we are doing and creating is the best out there! This is also the reason why those fans who really care about design and quality have been with us forever. They love and rely on our products, because they know we focus on every single detail in creating our products. They can easily tell if it’s a Publish product or not by just looking at these details.

This is what the market is like. When you have good products, people like them, and people will try to copy them. This is not a big deal for us, because we are not just making products, we’re creating market, creating trends.


The first PUBLISH collaboration in Taiwan is with PHANTACi. What do you think about this collaboration?

We had no knowledge in PHANTACi at the beginning; we just knew it as simply a store owned by a famous Asian singer. Frankly, we weren’t interested in it at the beginning, because we assumed it was just a store targeting his fans so he could extract every cent from their pockets.

Later on, we did some research on their product designs and marketing activities. As it turns out, it is way more interesting than we had thought it was. Then we start brainstorming how we can actually merge these two brands together.

We started exchanging ideas and designs, and the results led to it finally becoming a product in the store. I was really happy when I saw the product actually being displayed in the store. Ric also shared some of the launch party photos that are really cool. I’m looking forward to seeing if this will transform into a tradition – becoming an annual collection in the future.


You guys coordinate really well internally as a team. What are your plans or goals for the next three years?

We are currently on a stockist visiting tour. During the trip, many things truly inspired us and gave us a better understanding on how we can adjust our strategy and policy. On top of that, we’re looking into expanding into other Asian markets, such as Japan and Korea. We will be working with some already-famous international brands, such as Reebok and Timberland. It’ll be a whole new challenge, but a whole new milestone for us as well!


I’m pretty sure everyone is curious how many Jogger Pants has PUBLISH sold so far worldwide?

Wow, that’s a really hard question. Taking “Legacy” Jogger Pants as an example, we’ve already produced over 100,000 pieces. This number does not include the essential Jogger Pants product line. By the way, we’ve found out that Asian media and customers are really interested in this kind of question. Perhaps we’ll dig deeper on the sales number after we go back.

We would like to let everyone know that, Publish is not just making Jogger Pants, we’ve also been working on a lot of cut-and-sew, the design and quality of which you cannot find in other brands.


Finally, what are the most impressive things you’ve experienced during your stops in Taiwan?

I personally like to watch and observe how Taiwanese people dress up for their daily life. It’s truly inspiring to just see the way they dress, their style, and how they really pull everything together. Taiwanese have their own culture; they like to claim themselves as “hipsters”, which is really interesting, and I suppose that is their unique way of living.