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Usugrow is on its merry way…
SHINGANIST to be released with August’s Upper Playground offering Upper Playground is excited to announce a partnership with Japanese artist, Usugrow, in the creation of a new line called “Shinganist.” Derived from the Japanese word “Shingan,” (meaning mind’s eye), “the line represents those people who create by seeing things in their mind’s eye, and are not bothered or influenced by things around them.” Inspired by “underground Japanese lifestyle,” Shinganist will feature the art of Usugrow, as well as guest artists. Upper Playground and Usugrow view the line as a vehicle to introduce a new generation of Japanese artists to the world. No stranger to designing clothing, Usugrow has been running his own Japanese-based clothing line for the past 12 years. Shinganist is his first clothing line in the U.S and will launch on August 1st.
Usugrow on Youtube.
Upper Playground將和日本藝術家Usugrow推出一個品牌稱為”Shinganist” (心眼家). 這個名稱來自於日本字”Shingan” (是心靈之眼的意思). 這個牌子的作品代表那些以他們的心靈之眼來看事物而不受世俗雜念影響和困擾的人. 來自”日本地下生活形態”的靈感, “心眼家”不只將推出Usugrow(薄暗)的藝術, 還有其他客座藝術家的作品. Upper Playground 和 Usugrow將這個品牌視為一個將日本新一代藝術家介紹給全世界的機會. Usugrow並非服飾界的新兵, 他們在日本已有12年的歷史. Shinganist (心眼家)是Usugrow向美國進軍的第一個品牌, 將在八月一日隆重上市.