Lula speaks

Can’t strike out, if you’re rockin’ the new UPLB New Eras & Tee’s

Swing, battah battah…
The next edition of UPLB New Eras & shirts are on the way! Due to the success of the first round, and the overwhelming desire of these teams to get some shine, Upper Playground is getting ready to release the second round of UPLB gear. These items are going to be shipping with the August gear (8/1), which is just in time for BackToSchool, so you will not want to sleep on this. The deadline for pre-books is 6/5. Please note that the New Eras will only be sold as pre-packed sleeves of 12 hats, in the following size breakdown (inches)…7:1 – 7 1/8: 1 – 7 1/4: 2 – 7 3/8:2 – 7 1/2:3 – 7 5/8:2 – 7 3/4:1 CLICK HERETO DOWNLOAD THE UPLB LINE SHEET.

Also, don’t forget that the regular t-shirt/hoodie pre-books for August are also due by 6/5. CLICK HERE IF YOU NEED THAT LINE SHEET AGAIN.