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REBEL8 x RAH collaboration t-shirts

As REBEL8’s Asian sales, we at Lula Apparel has proudly announced earlier about the collaboration T shirts between REBEL 8 and RAH from Japan.

We’re excited to see that RAH has invited some famous and well accomplished people from different fields in Japan to all come together and celebrate this great art with the hand-illustrated graphic designs from Mike Giant.

Yone from “Bull Original”. “Bull Original” is a motorcycle and leather custom shop that held the Hot Rod show in Japan last year.

Ken-One, manager of clothing brand “RULER” in Tokyo. Ken-One is also a member of the band “Eternal B”.

Tommy from “SUPPLY” in Australia (oz!) Also a member of “T-19″, skateboard team in Tokyo

Wanto, graffiti artist who is also a member of the MSK crew of L.A.

Kuramoto from the Tokyo brand “MANKIND”- leader in the street culture in Tokyo!

MARBOH from “PHORGAN”, a great shop in Tokyo.

These collaboration t shirts are exclusive for RAH and REBEL8 online store in limited quanity.