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Shepard Fairey — Character Approved!

So if you don’t know who Shepard Fairey is, you’ll definitely wanna take a look at this vignette here .

USA Network has announced the winners of the first-ever CharacterApproved Awards to honor individuals from a cross-section of creativedisciplines who are positively influencing American culture. This year’swinner for Art is artist and street art sensation, Shepard Fairey. You’ll find out this unique street artist who is known for his iconic HOPE image of President Barack Obama, is actually a dedicated promoter for the art that you’d enjoy without spending a penny for.

The definition of great art, in Fairey’s view, is delivering something the world has a real need for, forgotten truths in society’s forgotten spaces.

知名塗鴉大師Shepard Fairey榮獲USA電視網所頒發的 Character Approved 獎。這位為歐巴馬總統創造的知名肖像藝術家在短片中表達自己對街頭藝術的見解。Shepard 致力於提倡在博物館或其他限制空間以外的街頭藝術, 讓你能不花一毛錢享受他的作品。