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Mishka x French T-Shirt & Art Show Release

Since the grand opening of Mishka’s flagship 350 Broadway store, it has been nothing but non-stop partying all night long. After numerous successful collaborations with different fine artists, it seamed like a no brainer to team up with Richard “French” Sayer for three sick tees. Since metal music and a twisted love for tees go hand in hand with the Mishka crew, French’s ghoulish images make the perfect combination for this project. July 30th 2009 marks the release of the tees and the Cursed Scrolls art show at Mishka’s 350 Broadway space which will run for six weeks or until the beer runs out. My guess is there will be plenty of beer. If your in New York anytime soon, check out the show and have some fun.
Mishka x French Collaborative T-shirt