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The Faith of Graffiti: Stussy x Jon Naar

Stussy’s guest artists series always surprise us. With different artists, the T shirts become more lively and definitely bring out the quality of the brand. This fall, 2009, Jon Naar is going to be a guest artist with his great photos on the stussy t shirts. Don’t know who Jon Naar is?

An internationally acclaimed photographer/author who has been widely published in the world’s leading magazines and well known for portraits of famous artist,designers and celebrities. He was the first professional photographer to document the graffiti phenomenon exploding in NYC. In Which book? yes, the legendary book on graffiti– The Faith of Graffiti

Both of these pictures are going to be on the front of the quality Stussy T shirts and Jon Naar’s signture in the back . Coming this fall.
Yay for graffiti!

Check stussy’s website for the new line.

Stussy 今年秋天的artist 系列T 恤會出現Jon Naar的作品。Jon Naar 是第一位以攝影紀錄在紐約塗鴉的現象的攝影師,他的作品都保留在這本the faith of graffit。上面兩張作品都會在秋季的t shirts 上出現。