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Obey x Al Rockoff Limited Series

In one of his latest collaborations, Shepard was presented with the opportunity to illustrate some incredible images of photojournalist Al Rockoff. His photographs reveal the ugly truth, carnage and perceptions seen in the Vietnam War and resemble the complex emotions people feel about the war in Iraq today. Rockoff’s courage and determination for documenting the scenes he has provided were often as risky as the people battling in war themselves.

OBEY Clothing offers the limited series derived from five vivid historic photographs and consists of five incredible t-shirts and one M65 Jacket for both men and women.


Get to know the photographer: Al Rockoff

Photo: Rich Garella

American photojournalist in the U.S. army made famous by his courageous coverage of the Vietnam War and of the Khmer Rouges’ takeover of Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital. Has also been portrayed in the film “The Killing Fields.” After spending several years in Vietnam, he ended up in Phnom Penh in the spring of ’73 as many journalist expected that the fall of the capital was bound to occure.

Today, Rockoff resides in the midst of it all between Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and Fort Lauderdale, FL where he continues his duties as a photographer. It is evident that his success is a result of his patriotism and passion and is currently working on a photo book about Cambodia’s history post 1970. His images continue to be part of our history and have been exhibited in The Foreign Correspondent’s Club in Phnom Penh.

設計師Shepard和攝影師Al Rockoff聯名, 將Al Rockoff親臨越戰前線拍攝的戰場照片, 以五款T-Shirt和一款M65夾克呈現給支持Obey品牌與反戰的消費者.