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Adopt A Pet by OBEY and US

This is one of the many inspiring OBEY awareness programs. OBEY is doing the Adopt logo on dog collars and an Adopt leash, see both images below. OBEY will be donating profits to The Adopt A Pet Program. These items will be released on 10/1 to our local retailers. Unleash our love to help the the animals by purchasing the artistic collars and leash designed by Shepard and created by OBEY Clothing for your pets.

Some other ways we can help the animals:
-Wear the ADOPT image proudly and show the world we support adoption
-Do our part to end the pet overpopulation crisis by spaying or neutering our own pet or helping a neighbor to do the same
-Adopt a pet and never buy from a pet store (unless they re showcasing animals from a local shelter or rescue group)
-Sign up to volunteer with our local shelter or rescue at