Lula speaks

Time to say Thank You!

REBEL8 Family Members in Asia and the rest of you all! Thanks for sending your Spring ’10 orders to us on time. As Asia Sales of REBEL8, we at Lula Apparel appreciate your support very much.

Please make this happen for all your stores, records, sites, and promo, etc..

In order to effectively and properly brand REBEL8, consistency is crucial. Any store that carries REBEL8, online website or whenever REBEL8 is mentioned or written it should be the following:

REBEL8 is one word, no spaces, all caps.

Please make sure when you open a store or list REBEL8 on your online store that it is this way. We all will benefit out of keeping the brand consistency.

THANKS for your continued support! Follow us on Twitter for most recent updates:

THANK YOU for working together and make this brand better and stronger.