Lula speaks

Benny Gold Fall delivery is here

You might have been wondering what the holidays have instored. Well, one thing we know is that San Francisco is fully represented this season. With a much anticipated collaboration between two Frisco natives Benny Gold and REBEL8, fine has never looked this good. Glide your way through this season in the ” Glider Plane” collaborative tee. Before you take off, be sure to cop the “Paper Plane” skate wax to thrash the curbs on your skateboard or bike.

It cracked me up when I came across to read the quotation by Benedict J Goltra the other day which says “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubts.” Today, I went speechless when I saw this “Silence is golden” t-shirt from Benny Gold. I love the combination of the old proverb, the artistic font and the contemporary brand in one t-shirt. This fabulous design stuck in my head and led me to further thoughts. I better hang my mouth on the wall for now, as less is more and Silence is golden.

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