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Upper Playground For Haiti Relief Effort

With the chaos that occurred in Haiti last week, thousands of people were left dead and in the ruins. Those that fortunately survived however, face a cruel reality ahead of them. Food, clothing, and shelter are basic needs that need to be taken care of in order to encourage these devastated victims to continue with their lives. It’s our responsibility to help those in need, in desperate times of need.

Upper Playground is raising consciousness by putting a little bit of their part to aid the cause. From January 21~31, this month, for every purchase a customer makes from any UP retail or web store, the company will donate a new t-shirt to the Fashion Delivers Charity to clothe those in need. To further assist, UP is offering 50% off on all items purchased during this time period in U.S. based Upper Playground stores. Help make a difference by grabbing some goods and putting your small grain of sand in the mix.