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OBEY SPRING 2010 & Bill McRight

It’s a bit early to think of spring when you can still feel the cold in your office…Glad we have OBEY SPRING 2010 to remind us that we’ll be feeling that warm breeze soon. very soon. With Bill McRight

the artist for Limited Series TEES in the spring 2010 collection: the OBEY POSSE OFFERING TANK, SKULL CRUSHER TANK, and the OBEY HEART TREE. Like how Bill describes he how he comes up with his images, it’s not difficult to see the sharp shape and the marks inside the shape that shows dimensions.

The story of Bill is that he was dating someone in Philly when he went to school in NYC and moved to Philly after because it’s cheaper. and he’s a member of the artiest collective Space in 1026.

But what really got our attention is his creativeness of his shanks that he appropriates them into his work to make them one of a kind.
He made them from the stuff he got on the street, in the flea markets, stuff people gave him…we see the creativity.
While Bill said that he’ll show all his work at some point, and of course we can’t wait! here’s a preview–

home made ones.

tooth brush shank!

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