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UPPER PLAYGROUND 2010 & Dustin Canalin

it’s pretty exciting for the sports/basketball fan out there to see someone who designed for AND 1, Chauncey Billups, Jason Richardson, Gilbert, Arenas, Kevin Garnett, and Tim Duncan to design something for UPPER PLAYGROUND

Dustin Canalin, the creative directors of UNDRCRWN, designed 3 t shirts this season for UPPER PLAYGROUND: SAY HEY, HEY YOUNG WORLD, and THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD. The story Dustin wants to tell through his medium–graphic design+music+sports is that of his dad and uncles who used to have a softball team called the “Willies”. The tee SAY HEY is actually for Dustin’s father and uncles.

As for the music, why don’t we remind ourselves a little? Let’s listen to HEY YOUNG WORLD ..see if we can come up with something creative and inspiring!

HEY YOUNG WORLD from Slick Rick

hey young world…the world is yours
young world young world…the world is yours