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Upper Playground 10 years of Graphics

Celebrating 10 years since its creation in the millenium, Upper Playground has released its official UP 10 Book. The book takes us back to the most notorious graphics from hundreds of the most recognizable modern artists who have left their mark within the brand. The book is packed with more than 2000 graphics, 612 pages, and comes in a hardcover edition. Knowledge is power, and so is this book. Get it now..
Upper Playground Ten years of T-Shirt Graphics

1999年,Upper Playground 在加州舊金山,從一個目錄印製在單面傳單紙上開始。

在過去Upper Playground 開始的十年,品牌創造許多具有影響力的紀錄片,出版了近一整個圖書館的藝術書籍、開始了許多商店及畫廊,更保持了豐富的服飾系列、配件和其他用品。這些設計全都來自世界各地的藝術家。除了多樣化的處理方式,Upper Playground 的藝術感來自T恤上大膽和生動的圖樣。在過去十年Upper Playground 的T恤中,有近兩百位藝術家創作兩千以上個不同圖樣。幾乎所有的圖樣收藏在此書中。