Lula speaks

got a REASON?

got a reason to like REASON?

you bet.

As the deadline for FALL2010 collection is coming up, let’s review on the intricate details in every REASON piece including embroideries, fireman closures, quilted linings, and custom rivets.And of course, the TEEs.

go HEART your own city.

remember those over popularized I HEART NY t-shirts? and of course the other ones that are inspired by that after..I HEART L.A., I HEARTS.F., I HEART ___________ (fill in your own city). This is the ultimate T-shirt that helps you expresses the following (via REASON) :

a) spilled your coffee on yourself because a site seeker abruptly stops in the middle of the sidewalk to take a picture of God knows what. -> always. ohwith the cameras!
b) been waiting 15 minutes for a cab only to have it snatched up by out oftowners who don’t know cab etiquette -> this doesn’t necessarily apply here in L.A. but oh! imagine in N.Y.!
c) have waited tables at some point and have been stiffed consistently by tourists -> hmmm..
d) was a foot away from your train and missed it because the door was clogged by confused visitors who didn’t know if they were coming or going -> in L.A. it’s probably : was a foot away from crossing that intersection and miss edit by confused visitors w/ their non L.A. driving skills.