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Mike Giant x The Future of Graffiti

can you imagine if you can see how some of the best art works in the world got done? Imagine if you can see how Leonardo DaVinci finishes that smile on Mona Lisa or those chapels Michealangelo paints…wouldn’t that be too cool?

Luckily, we now have the ability to capture great art these days. We now have the luxury to see how the graffiti culture actually gets done! It really takes time, skills, creativity, and effort to make it right.

The Future of Graffiti is a DVD series which try to give the audience that: how the artists actually get their work done and the many more behind the scene stuff that can help you to become an artist yourself.

the 3rd DVD in this series, Blackbook sessions, MIKE GIANT is going to be showing how his art works get done!
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the DVD will go through a full color black booksession from start to end. Character, background and all out wild styleburner. It will cover all the aspects of completing an all out blackbook session from tools, tricks to techniques.

you REALLY get to see Mike Giant’s unique and unruly looking characters, his mastery of letters, and tattoo cultures you see in REBEL8.

Wanna learn more about graffiti? you definitely don’t wanna miss out on this one.
To get an idea of what the DVDs are all about…watch this!