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Upper Playground: Grotesk Feature

You might recall the graphic below from back in ’08. It is the work of Kimou Meyer (Grotesk), a swiss-Born graphic artist residing in Brooklyn, NY. Although primarily known for his minimalistic cartoon designs, this Belgian trained designer focuses on ordinary events that occur on a daily basis. What types of things you might ask? Grotesk finds meaning in people and events that most people consider to be insignificant. Whether it is a flying objects on the street such as a bag, warehouse storefronts, burnt cars, thieves, or classic hip hop icons, no real life event goes unnoticed.

Besides working on numerous projects in the US art scene, Grotesk still manages to create graphics for Upper Playground. Alongside creating t-shirts, limited edition skateboard decks, and logos for other companies, Grotesk has a history of his own. Cataloged in his new book titled “Grotesk- A Decade of Swiss Design Lost in Brooklyn” are over 200 graphics Grotesk has designed. This book is definitely a collector’s item and a must have for all streetwear and art lovers.