Lula speaks

Obey Pop-Up Shop & Deitch Recap

The month of May celebrates international workers day and allows the common folk’s voice to be heard. May day is officially done with and with that came the opening of the Obey Pop-Up Shop in New York and also the Deitch Project. With such a successful turnout for both events, there’s not doubt that Obey has an unstoppable posse. The pop-up shop showcased a great selection of unique silk screened posters and garments that conveyed a positive message to our communities.

While the New York community showed love to the shop, the Deitch project was full of artists and celebrities showing their support. People such as Ron English, Russel Simons, and Shepard Fairey himself celebrated the day of the worker through community interaction. It is amazing how the community gathers for a good cause, which proves that we are moving forward in the right direction.