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SHINGANIST: A Further Look

Derived from the Japanese word “Shingan,” meaning mind’s eye, theline represents those people who create by seeing things in their mind’s eye, and are not bothered or influenced by things around them.


What started off as a drawing hobby as a kid for Tokyo based artist,USUGROW– creator of SHINGANIST , has gradually evolved into a fully respected US based brand.The art work is recognizable through his Usugrow’s monochrome tone and minimal black and white style

His early work quickly spread and became popularized in the hardcore underground scene through word of mouth. Graphics in the graffiti, skateboarding, hip-hop, and tattoo culture or anything that was respected by the underground music scene all heavily influenced him.
mrcoveran Usugrow style album. Usugrow (via
the ‘street art” here is a nature extracted from each influences and a basic nature that they’ve looked back deeply at in everyday life in Japan as Japanese. When these natures got blended together, categorizing doesn’t seem all that important. The art is based on Japan as subject, but it doesn’t make a Japanese artwork. It’s something everyone can really relate to.

What is important is that the feeling and the process behind the artwork:they surely reflect to artwork. Therefore, the nature of Japanese appears strongly in medium and process of expression than subject matter.

由日文的 “Shingan” 取義,Shingan 指的是意念的眼睛 『心眼』,代表著創造事物的人們由透過心來看事情,並不為其他事情所動。

當初一個東京小孩的畫畫嗜好,已成 為USUGROW– SHINGANIST 所創的品牌,並進化成備受尊崇的駐美品牌。 所有藝術品皆不難透過簡單的、黑與白風格認岀。

他早期的作品在地下文化中備受矚目: 塗鴉中的繪圖,滑版,嬉哈,刺青文化或是任和其他被地下音樂所受尊崇的文化都深深影響他。

最重要的是創作過程中的感覺; 它們絕對都反映在藝術中。因此,關於日本的相關元素也在藝術媒介、創作過程中比主題本身更強烈地表現。

這些作品中的街頭文化和創作元素從簡單的日本生活中截取。當這些不同的元素混合,分門別類不再 那麼重要。