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Estevan Oriol: unique photography & everything that comes with it

Let’s see how much stuff this gifted artist has done with capturing the raw essence of street life through his photography …

In the 90’s, within a short time, Estevan Oriol became one of the most sought-after photographers of the Urban and Hip Hop community.
Check out Upper Playground’s artist feature of Estevan:
In ’95, Estevan created Joker Brand Clothing. The Joker brand has been solid as a rock. While numerous other clothing franchises have fallen by the wayside over the years, Joker has grown into a mature brand, garnering world-wide recognition. A decade later, he established SA Studios Agency, a multicultural multimedia design/art company.
In 2006, Estevan teamed up with clothing powerhouse, Upperplayground, a noted leader in specialty artists’ inspired T-shirt lines. Estevan’s line expresses his photography on limited edition T-shirts. In five seasons, the line and its following continues to grow at a tremendous rate.

Today, in addition to being CEO of Joker Brand Clothing and his fulltime career as a photographer, Estevan also directs music videos for groups.
… so let’s count … that’s photography with T-shirts, clothing, films, music videos, magazine shots … see how amazing this guy is now?

讓我們看看這個具有天賦的藝術家,透過攝影捕捉了多少沒有經過修改的街頭本質. 九零年代,在很短的時間內,Estevan Oriol 成為城市嬉哈中最受矚目的攝影師。

2006年,Estevan 和 Upperplayground 服飾合作。 Upperplayground 最知名的是與許多具有特色的創作者的賦予靈感的T 恤系列。

九五年,Estevan 成立 Joker 牌服飾。品牌發展穩定- 當許多其他服飾連鎖漸漸沒落,Joker成長為一個獲得世界認可的成熟品牌。

十年後,他成立SA Studios 經銷處: 一個多元文化性的設計/ 藝術公司。

Estevan 的服飾系列呈現的是在限量T 上的的攝影作品。 短短五季裡, T恤系列和持續以相當快的速度成長。

今天,除了是Joker Brand 服飾的CEO及全職的攝影師之外,Estevan 也指導許多MV。

T恤、服飾、短片、mv、雜誌攝影…現在了解Estevan 多令人驚喜了嗎?