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Mishka: How to Make It In America

“Ahhh, a young Russian immigrant boy’s dreams come true…Truth to be told, I don’t think we’ve made it quite yet.”

When Greg Rivera and Mikhail Bortnik started the brand in 2003, their business was so small that Мишка “wasn’t even a company.” Praised for its horrific yet attracting design, Мишка has gained the fame to became one of the most demanded street wears. After 8 years of hard work and success, the brand finally won its seat on the television. HBO had invited Мишка for their show on Sept 29 as a promotional bumper for the upcoming season of How to Make It In America. Interestingly, the plot line of show “basically runs in sync to Greg’s and my own [Mikhail] frustration, struggles, and adventures in getting Мишка off the ground.”

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