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Mishka D.A.R.T. Taiwan Fall 2011 Video

Mishka’s D.A.R.T. clothing line and cycling team began in 2008 as a mean of bridging the gaps between New York’s profound love for the fixed gear cycling culture and a need to incorporate clothing specifically geared towards the bicycling enthusiast’s needs. In an effort to group together the most prominent and consistent fixed gear riders, Mishka began sponsoring elite athletes which were at the forefront of the rapidly evolving subculture. D.A.R.T, which stands for Death Adders Road and Track chose John “Prolly” Watson as the team captain for their first ever sponsored team in the U.S. As the sport and Mishka brand continued to evolve and grow in popularity, there was a need to expand the D.A.R.T team outside of its native streets of Brooklyn to bring new innovation and creativity to the exciting sport.

In its quest for scouting talented, passionate riders, sponsoring and hosting bike-related events, creating new and exciting riding gear, and partnering with some of the best in the fixed gear industry, Mishka landed in Taiwan.

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Currently on the D.A.R.T Taiwan cycling team are sponsored team riders Cog Wei, Lucas, Wonder, and Kay. Stay tuned for future photos, videos, and events featuring the guys shredding the streets of Taiwan.