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INVINCIBLE x STUSSY Capsule Collection Teaser

Your wait will soon be over!

In 2010 we presented the first Stussy Taiwan exclusive T-shirt, available in three colorways. Here is the new collaboration with Taiwan-based retailer Invincible. Stussy does rarely collaboratse with its retailers, that’s why it is unique and exciting. Below is a hint of what the new T-Shirt and a full zip hoodie design will be. These products will hit Invincible’s three stores in mid-December. Visit again soon for updates, more design samples and the exact release date. Be ready to get yours!

讓你久等了, 而你的等待即將結束!

Lula繼2010提出的第一款Stussy台灣獨家 T-Shirt之後, 現在將為你呈上Stussy和台灣知名的零售商Invincible的聯名T-Shirt和拉鍊帽衫。 Stussy很少和零售商聯名,這也就是為什麼此聯名系列既獨特又令人興奮的新品發表。這裡先給你一個小小的提示。請再次回到,我們將有確切的發售日期以及設計款式和大家分享。