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INVINCIBLE x STUSSY 2011 Capsule Collection

The other day we teased you about INVINCIBLE x STUSSY 2011 Capsule Collection. We are excited to introduce you to the first collaboration between Taiwan-based premium store, Invincible and famed U.S. clothing brand,Stussy. Lula Apparels stoked to be part of this impressive link up, and we know it is a perfect match for the Taiwanese streetwear scene.
This capsule collection comprises Stussy’s classic screen-printed T-shirt with its unique typeface,
Invincible’s logo sleeve hit and, on the back, a quote by the most respected strategist of his era,
Zhuge Liang:

“The wise win before they fight, while the ignorant fight to win.”

Available in five different combinations: black, heather grey, white, navy blue or red to suit everyone’s personality. No collaboration is complete without a high-quality zip hoodie, and ours also features the exclusive logos on the hood and sleeve.

This collection will debut exclusively at INVINCIBLE retail location across Taiwan very soon, so get ready to get yours!