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REBEL8 x MISHKA Lamour Supreme Collaboration Again!

Back by popular demand is the second version of the REBEL8 x MISHKA Lamour Supreme collaboration for those who missed out. This time, the design gets an updated neon ink. This tee is perfect to stand out from the crowd at the club and keep watch on all the ladies.

Coming soon to select Asian accounts. Stay tuned.

第一次兩大潮流品牌 REBEL8 x MISHKA 成功的聯名發表T-SHIRT所擦出的火花引發熱愛潮牌的粉絲們熱烈回響! 這次又再度推薦同款Lamour Supreme設計圖,特別的是這次是”螢光綠”的顏色,潮男型女們跟上潮流的腳步了嗎?

MISHKA & REBEL8兩大品牌結合了美國東西岸街頭潮流 x 刺青藝術的元素的設計靈感!亞洲限定 REBEL8 x MISHKA Lamour Supreme 五月中即將在台上市! 敬請期待!

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