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Amongst Friends

Based in NYC, Amongst Friends is a menswear brand founded on the principles of class, quality and utility. Consisting of clean-cut apparel, footwear and accessories, Amongst Friends creates a cosmopolitan country club aesthetic, blending contemporary menswear silhouettes with traditional, buttoned-up sophistication.

Amongst Friends, created by Mikol Stambaugh in 2007, is sold internationally for gentlemen of all backgrounds who seek an alternative to mainstream labels. Whether on the golf course, in the boardroom, or enjoying a cocktail, one is meant to feel comfortable, as if they are always “Amongst Friends.”

源於紐約品牌不僅有當代男裝的特色還有傳統男裝的元素,簡單雅痞有個性是Amongst Friends 的代表

主理人Mikol Stambaugh於2007年創立Amongst Friends. 此品牌為尋求主流標籤以外的服飾的人而生。無論是在球場上,在會議室,或雞尾酒派對,著用Amongst Friends是一個很舒適的感覺。