Lula speaks


Elm was founded by a group of individuals with common interests connected through skate, snow, music, and art; distinct lifestyles that inevitably intersect and bring people together. Focused on the goal of creating something unique, the brand was built around the philosophy of “Rooted In Life”, meaning that as individuals, our lives are defined by the different interests and experiences we absorb. We draw inspiration from these influences and grow as people to inspire the lives of others. ELM™ has remained true to these ideals since the beginning, supporting influential athletes, artists and musicians all around the world and creating high quality, premium goods with an unmatched attention to detail, season after season, collection after collection.

ELM 集合了一群有共同興趣的滑板、音樂、藝術愛好者,著重於創造獨特品牌的新氣象的價值,藉此激勵人心。ELM保留品牌最初的型態,一季接著一季。支持運動、藝術、音樂、並發揚到全世界。