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Deeply rooted in skateboard, graffiti, and tattoo culture, REBEL8’s core purpose is to showcase their trademark lifestyle through unique products. REBEL8 is one of the last authentic brands left that incorporate original artistic works within their pieces. Most graphics within the REBEL8 product line are hand illustrated, with no computer generated enhancements or manipulations. The man behind this original artwork at REBEL8 is the legendary tattoo and graffiti artist Mike Giant.

創立於2003年, REBEL8位於美國舊金山, 是一家深受滑板, 塗鴨和刺青文化影響的服飾品牌。
REBEL8是以著名的設計師Mike Giant的手繪作品的延伸,創作風格是以線條為主體,呈現出簡單俐落的曲綫構成。以獨一無二堪稱藝術品的Mike Giant原創圖案,產生強大且高質感的視覺效果。REBEL8是世界中最新銳的品牌之一。