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Hi, everyone. The Mishka Calendar is back this year, and It’s a fantasy artistic integration of photography and drawing.

For photography part, Mishka still invited Ellen Stagg, an American photographer specializing in erotic, to create captivating image. Translation: Yes, you can see hot girls in it as before.

Before: Image of Mishka 2009 Calendar

Besides, this time Mishka called on some artists such like L’amour Supreme, Buff Monster, Johnny Crap to create surreal images that frame those hot girl shots.
Now: Image of Mishka 2013 Calendar
At the 2013 Mishka Calendar release party in Los Angeles, photographer and models talked about their shoots.
Let’s check out this video of the party:

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The models of Mishka 2013 Calendar (shot in the party)
Click Here to see more pictures!!
Each of them has a unique style…Which is your favorite?

Although you missed a great party, you can get the best of part of it by getting the 2013 Mishka Calendar and T-shirt now. But when they’re gone, they’re gone, so you better move fast!
Мишка 2013 Calendar Girls T-Shirts
The retails in Taiwan:
台北 IDENTITY: 台北市大安區忠孝東路4段181巷33號1樓 / 02-2731-3296
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