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Street Dealin Jakarta

One of our accounts in Jakarta Indonesia, Penny, alongside with Garduhouse (an art space/gallery/workshop) will be organizing a street art event called Street Dealin on December 22 2012.

The REBEL8 brand will be promoted to the street art enthusiast who will attend the event. There will be a live graffiti painting by local artists: SID VIZEUS, NSIDE’I, MENAW and BUJANGAN URBAN. One of the artists from Garduhouse named Bujangan Urban will paint the R8 inspired image with his own style and to be display in the gallery for the coming week.

If you are in the neighborhood this weekend, go check it out.

Garduhouse (an art space/gallery/workshop)
Jl. Rc Veteran Raya No. 13 Gg H Ropiah Tanah Kusir Bintaro Pesanggrahan Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone:+62 21 98408627