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THRASHER Selections

THRASHER is one of the first major skateboarding magazines to shine a light on skateboarding since the early eighties. Their publications, enabled skateboarders to not only skate as a hobby, but also as a career. Since 1981, it is like the “Bible” for skaters who are absorbed in skateboarding by featuring skate related photography, videos, skater of the year, and even street fashion. Here are Lula Apparel’s top selections!— with Maximum Rad: The Iconic Covers of Thrasher Magazine, Flame Logo Hood, Thrasher X Dakine Atlas Backpack, Justin “Figgy” Figueroa Bobblehead, Usual Suspect Buttons (5 Pack), Skategoat Leather Wallet, Flame Web Belt, All Over 5 Panel (Red), Thrasher Sunglass (Blue), Skategoat Tee, and Logo Sticker (Blue). Coordinate yourself as a skater before you hit the road!!