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Publish Brand: Spring 2013

“Artisans United” is the name Publish Brand gives to its Spring 2013 collection. They combine water camo which is Publish’s famous tradition and classic Americana style together. Using tans, navy and browns to represent the classic Americana style; besides, mixing water camo trousers and light outerwear and knitwear to represent the Publish tradition. These colors and styles can be matched easily and widely which help you to save time but also enhance the quality of your style. The fantastic collection is available at Publish’s online store and also through the stockists.

Publish 2013春季男装终于亮相啦!这次的服饰融合了 Publish 著名的水迷彩风格和色彩多元化的美洲风。美洲风独有的棕褐色和海军蓝,衬托着Publish特有的水迷彩裤以及素雅的外套和针织品,绝对可以让您的品味与气质更加独特并具有韵味!您可以在Publish的官网仔细欣赏这套系列!并且,非常欢迎您给予我们宝贵的意见!