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This summer, OBEY’s limited Series TEES teamed up with Alan Forbes

got his big break from creating a iconic imagery for the Black Crowes, Forbes has also created record covers for numerous other bands including the Cult and AFI.

Because of the lost art using a brush and hand lettering that he uses in his work, Alan’s work is highly requested. In addition to over 700 silkscreened rock posters, his paintings can be seen in some of the biggest galleries around the world.

Check out the collections–OBEY summer 10.

這個夏天,OBEY限量系列T恤與Alan Forbes 合作.
由為八零年代黑烏鴉合唱團創作知名畫象打開知名度,Forbes 也創做了許多其他樂團的唱片封面如The Cult 和 AFI.
因為他利用過去流失的創作方法以刷子、手繪字體創作, Alan 的作品相當受歡迎。除了常見的700多個絲綢隔版創作的搖滾海報,他的作品更在各大畫廊都隨處可見。