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Publish Jogger Pants

Upon research of the current men’s contemporary market, we have determined that three main choices exist for our average male consumer – jeans, pants, and slacks. In the saturated market of these items, we first saw the rise of the skinny jean, Japanese denim, the khaki pant, rolled up cuffed pant and the cargo pant. However, there is an opening in the USA market for our “jogger” pant.

Although we may not be the first to create this style pant, we will definitely be remembered as one of the leaders of the pack. Thus continuing to differentiate us from our competitors as market leaders. We strongly believe the new style of cuffed pants offers the consumer a new twist on wearing their pants and is most likely a progression from the rolled up cuffed look.

雖然Publish不是第一個設計Jogger Pants的品牌, 但我們一定是深入延伸此款設計的先鋒. Publish深信Jogger Pants提供消費者另一種新的穿休閒褲的款式, 這也證明Publish品牌與眾不同之處.

八月上市. 追蹤Publish Brand Taiwan粉絲團公告.