Lula speaks

REBEL8 2013 Summer Lookbook – REBEL8 days at Lula Apparel

Whenever the REBEL8 shipment lands at Lula Apparel, the team is always energized. It is REBEL8 day, and the girls are busy with orders, updating blogs and showing off their REBEL8 styles. Not to be outdone, the guys are in a frenzy, opening box after box of product while rockin’ their own REBEL8 looks.

In the warehouse, it feels like a huge birthday party as they excitedly pull the latest styles from boxes, inspecting each garment to make sure you will get the best REBEL8 has to offer. After Lula’s seal of approval, the orders are packed with product and smiles to send your way.

With the work done, and the weekend here, it’s time to party. REBEL8 days at Lula Apparel.