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Rastaclat- Behind the design

Jayel_Portriat_0231-e1393611885421 The brief interview with creator  Daniel Nyagga and Creative Director Jayel Llan, to know the core spirit of Rastaclat and their insight about fashion.

Our creator and CEO, Daniel Nyaggah, began Rastaclat with one idea: Spreading Positive Vibrations®.  That’s why he surrounds himself with collaborators who share his ideals and help keep the brand ripe with fresh ideas.  Enter Creative Director, Jayel Llano.  Jayel has a unique perception of fashion and the world around us.  Together, they are developing accessories that transcend the trends and dig a little deeper for inspiration.  In his own words, Jayel shares his vision with us:

Rastaclat: What inspired you to become an artist and what was the first move you made in this career path? Jayel Llano: Beyond the realm of nature and all of its beauty, I’ve always struggled with being able to harness a sense of fulfillment from occupations or activities where my contributions were largely predictable. The world of art has a tendency to quarantine predictability and because of that it was always very appealing to me. My first move as a designer happened early when I enrolled into the High School of Fashion Industries in New York City. After that I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where I received my first job as a graphic designer within my first semester at Sean John.

R: What is happening that excites you in fashion or the world at large? JL: It’s hard to say. I’ve only ever really been moved by the things that are beyond what we can do or even understand. I take great pleasure from seeing things done well and there is no greater demonstration of perfection than the natural world.

R: What is one rule of design you should not break?  When is it okay to break that rule? JL: Typically, I’d say that the number one rule is to assume that there are no rules, much less breakable rules. However, I do also believe that art and design are enjoyable exercises in chance, and should therefore never be done with expectations.

R: How did you first get involved with Rastaclat? JL: I met Daniel, the owner of Rastaclat, a while back after I had relocated to California from New York City and we were both working for the same company. After our time there, I opened up my own fashion consulting agency, STUDIObyPFJ, which focused on branding and product development. I had been working with a few high profile clients in the accessories and beauty markets and after a year or two, Dan and I reconnected and joined forces almost immediately.

R: How do you envision the creative design for Rastaclat evolving? JL: Rastaclat is a great brand with great product and has grown tremendously. One of my main ambitions for us is to add another layer of substance to product development by exploring the nature of our seasonal inspirations and interpreting them throughout our product categories. Our brand’s message is Spreading Positive Vibrations and that means that our products should represent ideas that educate, inspire, and elevate critical thinking.

R: Any sneak previews you can share with us? JL: Rastaclat is known for the Classic Braided Shoelace Bracelet and for Fall 2014 we’ve been researching Deep Sea Ecosystems to develop a new line inspired by some of the most amazing characteristics of life in the deepest parts of the world. We’re developing new ways of combining fabrics, colors, and hardware to bring the vibrant light shows of the abyss to the streets… stay tuned.

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