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The Very Odd Future

The brand, Odd Future, was created by Tyler, The Creator, and his group OFWGSKTA, which stands for Odd future wolf gang kill them all. Tyler is a rapper, record producer, and a music director. He is also the leader of OFWGSKTA, the alternative hip-hop collective from Los Angeles, California. Domo Genesis, Mike G, Jasper Dolphin, Frank Ocean and Left Brain are just some of the other people involved in Odd Future (OF). Tyler is very far from ordinary and quite odd himself. He belongs in this generation of cussing, social media, and frankly does not care about what he does or says.


Tyler and the OF crew came together in 2007 and when he was 15 and they drew the infamous donut logo, which they decided to keep now that they are famous. The brand OF has the donut logo on almost all of their clothing including hats and socks. Most of the clothing is related to the members of OFWGSKTA. There really is not a lot of meaning behind OF, it is mostly just for fun.

This is one of the basic “OF donut” tees. It features the Odd Future original donut logo on the front and back. It is a very popular and fast seller t- shirt. Although it is simple, it is the main way to identify with OF.

of 1

of 2

The “Jasper Dolphin donut” t- shirt was created after Jasper Dolphin, one of Tyler’s friends. It has a dolphin on it that is supposed to resemble a donut. It is the same style donut colors and cartoonish look as the original donut logo. I like how the collaboration between the dolphin and donut together and how it represents Jasper. There is another Jasper Dolphin tee called “Jasper Maui Wowie.” It features a floral design with dolphins, flowers, and marijuana leaves incorporated into it. I find this design more creative and think the floral design is quite eye catching. It is a unique spin on a typical floral pattern and I also love the color palette they chose.

dolphin tee maui

The “Left Brain smoke ring” tee is inspired by their friend and is a picture printed on the t- shirt. The photo reveals Left Brain smoking a joint and blowing O’s. Tyler and the OF crew are very open to their actions and stand out immensely.

smoke ringsMike G, a rapper in the group OFWGKTA, also has a t- shirt featuring him. It is called the “Mike G black buster video” tee and is a twist on a classic block buster video.

mike g

Odd Future produced a shirt named after Domo Genesis, part of the OF crew and in big bold letters it says “high,” referring to a weed high. As mentioned previously, they are pretty open and blunt about what they do. This tee is called the “Domo high flash tee.” It has a cheetah print pattern, but they snuck in some marijuana leaves in the cheetah print, and yet it flows pretty nicely. That is why, this is so Odd Future!

highClick on the video below to watch an interview with Tyler, the Creator, behind the scenes!