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Publish- the “Jogger Pant”

Owner, Michael Huynh, and creative director started Publish brand in July 2009. It is a street wear brand, but they use a lot of unique patterns and their apparel is excellent quality. Publish is known for their famous jogger pant, which they actually trademarked.



It all started when a friend of Huynh’s was wearing a pair of Marc Jacob sweatpants. He loved the quality and design of it so much that he decided to do his own rendition of it. When the took it to the manufacturers, they accidentally messed up and used twill instead of fleece to make the product. To his surprise, he liked the twill material and chose to go with that. At first, the sales were terrible and it was failing as a trend. Huynh is a risk taker though and thought he would keep with it. Little did he know that it would become such an iconic piece in fashion.


Publish has had some trouble trying to relay to customers that the jogger pant can be an everyday look for men, which is their goal. They released a photo campaign of a man with his wife and kid wearing the jogger pants to prove it is a masculine look as well. With men, there is not as big of a range of basic silhouettes, so although this has a cinched cuff at the bottom, Huynh wants people to wear it consistently.