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Civil Regime

Civil regime apparel was developed with the motto, “pertaining to civil life and civilization.” In 2009 Civil had the opportunity to share the idea that Civil embodies. Civil spread like wildfire and has now been worn by Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce. Civil incorporates trends into their own creations, yet still keeping it affordable. It sells in stores across the nation and worldwide.

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Karen Civil has been announced to be the new face of Civil. It just so happens that her last name is also Civil, how ironic! Karen started out learning about the power of the internet and how she could get recognized. She made fan pages for celebrities and was able to market her page well. Out of all the fan pages created, hers was most popular. She now has her own website, which features new and upcoming artists in the hip- hop industry. KC has helped a lot of people become famous from talking them up on her site. She will be good news to represent Civil as the face of their company.