Lula speaks

For Richer or For Poorer

Iva Pawling and Tim Morse began an innovative sock brand about three years ago called Richer Poorer. This company became popular extremely fast and they know how to satisfy their customers. RP is now selling to a global scale and to all different countries. They are working with The Hundreds to do a collaboration, putting themselves out there even further. RP is trying to expand their line to boxer briefs and athletic socks.


RP has come out with an athletic sock line because customers began wearing their normal socks for action sports. This caused people to get holes in their socks and wore them down. The athletic sock features a padded foot bed to prevent those holes and elastic compression over the top. To prevent the sock from suffocating the foot, they used a COOLMAX moisture wicking blend. RP predicts this athletic sock line will be very popular in sportswear.

What makes Richer Poorer different is their unique patterns and creative designs. They started out with an everyday sock to wear to work, hangout with friends, relaxing day at home, etc. Pawling and Morse came together and wondered why their was not a big market for socks and dove in to take that opportunity. Fortunately, their brand has become very successful. Everyone wears socks, but is their sock game on point?