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CLSC- Can’t Live Scared of Change

CLSC is a new and upcoming street wear brand and the acronym is pronounced “classic.” Josh Vides is the owner and started CLSC in 2009 with a group of friends. He began by designing a small collection of four shirts and released them at a local boutique in Rancho Cucamonga. From there, the brand spread widely and is now carried by well- known retailers including Active Ride Shop.


CLSC has just collaborated with sports- themed apparel, La street wear brand, Hall of Fame. It is a baseball playoff inspired collab with a twist of Josh Vide’s creative designs. The logo that is intertwined with California and LA Dodgers turned out great and is selling really well. Although street wear is crazy competitive, Josh Vides knows how to keep up and create something new, yet innovative.


The future goals for this brand is to do a collaboration with In- N- Out and the New York Yankees. Vides also hopes to increase the success of this brand and have it be carried worldwide. He is very involved with his buddies and would love to be able to support his friends/ family from CLSC.