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Crooks & Castles

Crooks and Castles just released their new collection called LEWDS, named after Chris Lewds (RIP), who held the marketing director position. They had a party to showcase their work and were sponsored by Hennessy V.S. The co- founder, Dennis Calvero, shares how the brand has a heavy hip- hop influenced. They infuse hip- hop into their apparel designs, but explain that it is who they are and what they represent.


Many celebrities have worn Crooks and Castles, popularizing their brand even more. Jay- Z was featured in the New York post wearing C&C apparel. Kanye West has a collaboration shirt with C&C in Complex Magazine. Lupe Fiasco is also a big part of the brand and Calvero explains that they are buddies and he has really helped make their brand well- known. C&C caters to men and women, expanding the brand. The group of people who put together this brand grew up in the hood in LA and always had a villainous nature. They put together “crooks” because it referred to criminals, hustlers, pimps, etc. C&C added “castles” because the crooks got money to own a castle.


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