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HOPES Store – The Story Behind the Art feat. Rookie

HOPES is the new flagship American streetwear store in Taipei owned directly by LULA101. As we just had our successful opening, we would like to take you a little bit deeper into the store. (For the opening article, please click here.)

HOPES store is all about American street culture, you can see arts and cool decorations in every little corner.

The dressing room for HOPES is not just some normal everyday dressing room you can find in the other store, but a real dressing room for street culture lover.

We embrace the street culture, we embrace the streetwears, we embrace the street arts.

We invited one of the most famous graffiti artist in Taiwan – Rookie to help us bring this white, boring door into something that reminds us where we came from.


People may be wondering: What’s the story behind the art? We had a chance to record the whole design process and a quick interview with Rookie himself:

HOPES Grand Opening Photo Album (FULL):

HOPES Official Website: