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Golden Denim x HOPES

Golden Denim is a very unique brand, which is why they are doing so well in the street wear industry. Abraham Ruiz founded Golden Denim in Los Angeles. Right after high school he decided that college was not for him and carried on his family tradition of making denim. Ruiz’s family business has been going on for about 30 years now and he found a way to modernize denim  himself and incorporate it into his own company. This is handmade denim made in the USA and not China surprisingly. Ruiz’s 50-60 employees have been with him from the start and some have even worked with his family for about 20 years. He wanted to support American labor and his family traditions by doing it himself along with his team. Golden Denim is quality denim and all handmade precisely.

We are all familiar with Golden Denim’s famous marathon pant, which are similar to joggers. Since the marathon pant is extremely popular, Golden Denim did a collaboration with HOPES to make a special rendition of those pants. It is a limited collab collection only sold by Lula 101 (that’s us!). HOPES is a retail store in Taiwan carrying only the best street wear brands and are proud to work with Golden Denim for this awesome collaboration.

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