Lula speaks

Rastaclat Spring 2015 – Dark Matter

Dark Matter, is packed with inspired prints and vivid colors, but there is far more meaning behind the accessories in the collection, as evidenced by their style names. Magnito, String Theory, Antimatter, Event Horizon,and five other pieces of this collection were named after elements of astrophysics that still bewilder scientists.

The works of the great minds, like Albert Einstein, Annie Cannon and Carl Sagan, paved the way for generations of intellectuals, and beg the question, “what is our role in the universe?” The collection includes 6 Classic Bracelets, a bucket hat and now, as pioneers of the shoelace bracelet, we offer a matching braided shoelace collar and leash for the pet in your life. These accessories offer that finishing touch to any outfit and the product names aim to inspire a search for elevated discussion.

Rastaclat Dark Matter Capsule, available Feb 2015.