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The “Joggers War”! Publish or Golden Denim?


Publish has been around for years, and they’re the pioneer who started all the “Jogger Pants” trend. And today, Publish are known as the biggest Jogger Pants brand. However, there are many different options out there, and Golden Denim is one of them with top quality.

What are Jogger Pants?

Basically “Jogger pants” are pants featuring elastic at the ankles. They are basically a hybrid of regular pants and sweatpants. These are becoming a thing, because your sneakers are not hidden by the pants you’re wearing, which is something a lot of “Sneaker Heads” really appreciate.

This kind of pants are available in both Publish and Golden Denim. Since the “Jogger Pants” was officially trademarked by Publish, Golden Denim call their joggers the “Marathon Pants” to make a differentiation from Publish.

Publish Brand

Age of 20 to 35 are the main customers for Publish. People who falls into this criteria are usually the one who appreciate quality products, and pursues well-designed, stylish clothing. They are positioned in a upscale market, their price are usually higher than the market average.

Publish jogger pants

Golden Denim

Golden Denim’s products are mainly crafted for the teenagers. These people usually are the ones who love skateboarding, dancing and anything related to the street culture. All of the products from Golden Denim are made in U.S.A, but the price is extremely affordable when comparing to Publish.

Marathon pants 01

Comparison Chart


What’s Next?

There you have it! Publish Jogger Pants would be the best option If you want to be perceived as fashionable and polished; when you’re looking at street wear or skater style, Golden Denim would be your next favorite thing.

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