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The “Clear Weather Brand” – Part1



You might wonder what this mark means…this mark is a native American totem that actually represents: “Clear Weather”.

Clear Weather is a California-based latest independent footwear brand founded by Brubaker brothers. After two decades of working for some of the biggest footwear company, they launched this brand to seek their design.


Their mission is to bring true design and craftsmanship to the masses, and also create a familiar, digestible silhouette that feels, looks, and is special. Clear Weather features unique, vintage inspired products with a futuristic feel, while offering excellent craftsmanship at an accessible price.

Image 2

You might not notice at the beginning, but you will notice the details once wearing it. All of the Clear Weather shoes are made out of the best full-grain leathers, pig suedes, textiles.

On the next article, we will take you deeper to their collections. We promise you will like them like we do. Don’t miss it!

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