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Taiwanderings with Publish

This episode of “Taiwanderings” features Publish Brand, the innovative creator of “Jogger Pants” and one of LULA’s great friends. The Publish team toured Taipei, Taiwan during their Asia trip last April, with LULA 101 serving as their host and tour guide. While out and about, the Publish crew was treated to the amazing sights and sounds of Taipei, including its night markets (offering stinky tofu and unknown meat products), crazy cafes, shopping districts and nightclubs complete with top DJs and, of course, hot go-go girls.

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Since this was also a business trip, Publish was also here to visit key retailers like Phantaci and the Prime Store. Drawing attention wherever they visited, Publish was interviewed by the media, including KEEDAN and MILK magazines (see the full interview here:)


In just two short days, the Publish crew had a phenomenal time during their stay in Taipei. They tried different foods, met exciting new people, and found new inspiration for the brand in a city half a world away from their headquarters in coastal Southern California. The Lula 101 crew had big fun hosting Publish in Taipei, and we look forward to sharing more adventures with them soon!