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CROOKS & CASTLES released the newest collection; “Connoisseur”

Waiting for another Summer collection that Lula distributes into Asia? CROOKS & CASTLES released their summer collection titled “Connoisseur.”

Take a brief tour of their mini lookbook below!


The Connoisseur collection encompasses the different elements of vice that takes place during the summer.

The Crooks aspect of the brand offers the “Nightstalkers” concept displayed through linear designs and heritage Medusa prints.

The Castles aspect of the brand offers racing and boating inspired elements. They use moto jersey fabrics and nautical prints to inspire the experiences of summer.


The craftsmanship brings excitement of summer through a progressive appeal, while maintaining the luxury of leisure and comfort that translates the Crooks lifestyle.


The photo shoot captured on various film formats, by photographer Nick Goldstein, adds the perfect complement to the modern vintage vibe spread throughout the collection.


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